Company history

The Glennmont Partners team was established in 2007, when Joost Bergsma, Peter Dickson and Scott Lawrence formed the renewable energy investment team at ABN AMRO Asset Management. Francesco Cacciabue joined the team in 2009.

Over the past 10 years, we have used our complementary skillset to implement more than 30 European transactions with an enterprise value of more than €2bn. Each year the team has grown in terms of funds under management and investment expertise.

Our proven track record brings a wealth of contacts within the renewable energy industry. These long-term relationships and our industry insight enable us to cherry-pick the deals that are right for our investors.

Since then the name has changed and the team has grown, but our uncompromising investment approach remains the same.

"We work with a set of selected partners, who have been proven to deliver multiple, high-quality renewable projects across cycles."

Francesco Cacciabue

Partner / CFO