Sustainable performance

Glennmont Partners delivers reliable income streams through exposure to a stable, but rapidly expanding, global market: alternative energy generation.

We invest in non-listed fixed assets that use proven technologies to produce renewable power, including: wind, biomass, solar and small hydro. Our extensive expertise in the renewable energy sector enables us to collaborate with stakeholders and unlock the full value of investments over time.

All our projects are long term and offer risk-balanced, predictable returns.

No surprises

The Glennmont Partners investment approach includes a rigorous four-stage process: Screening, Due Diligence, Valuation and Structuring, and Investment.

That means we only invest in credible development companies with secure, demonstrable income streams and operational costs, and – in the case of construction-stage projects – a secure underwritten procurement path.

We take a proactive, hands-on approach to asset management – with periodic reviews against contractual and stretch performance measures. Our commitment to transparency means investors can rest assured there will be no surprises.

“Diversification across our core technologies reduces portfolio risks and underpins the stability of returns.”

Peter Dickson

Partner / Technical Director