Landmark renewable transaction

Biomass plant technology

38.5 MW operational capacity

Transaction description

  • Sleaford comprises a 38.5 MWe (115 MWth) straw-fired biomass power plant, located in Lincolnshire, UK.
  • Commercial operation began in September 2014.
  • EPC contractor: Burmeister & Wain Scandanavian Contractor (BWSC). Boiler: BWE. Steam turbine and generator: Doosan Skoda and Jeumont.
  • Fuel is primarily locally sourced straw, with additional fuel provided by wood chips.
  • The plant is operated and maintained by BWSC GS UK, with Eco2 providing fuel management services, and Natural Power managing the technical and commercial aspects of the plant and overseeing BWSC GS UK.


Location in the UK


  • Well-designed plant and boiler technology comprising of proven technology and incorporating the latest technical improvements.
  • Fuel is wholly from indigenous sources.
  • Fuel feeding and flue gas treatment systems have been optimised as part of a series of asset enhancement activities to improve plant performance.
  • Fuel costs have reduced year-on-year since start of operations.

Quality components

The plant benefits from:

  • BWE vibrating grate boiler
  • Doosan Skoda steam turbine
  • Jeumont electrical generator

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38.5 MWe straw-fired biomass plant in the UK

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