ESG in the investment process

ESG has always been critical to Glennmont Partners’ ambitions. We consider it throughout our investment, asset management and divestment processes, and believe it to be crucial for delivering long-term sustainable value.

During the pre-investment evaluation stage, full environmental regulatory compliance assessments are performed. Examples of Non-Technical Summaries of Environmental Impact Assessment (“NTS EIA”) in relation to recent investments are listed below.

Post investment, Glennmont actively manages ESG, setting and monitoring health & safety standards and continuously managing the impact of our operations on the environment. The positive impact and reduction in carbon emissions are measured and reported. Glennmont is also committed to the central role of its renewable energy assets as an active member of local communities.


“Good investment decisions are driven by hard analytical work and informed, collective judgement calls.”

Joost Bergsma

Managing Partner / CEO

UNPRI reports

EIA reports