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Glennmont Seminar – Amsterdam – Transitioning to Clean Energy

November 1, 2013

On 29th October, Glennmont organised a seminar for Dutch institutional investors about current opportunities in the clean energy sector. Mr Hans Alders – the President of Energie Nederland (the association for Dutch energy producers) shared his perspective. Mr Hans Alders is a former Minister of Environmental Affairs in the Netherlands and Chairman of PGGM, one of the largest Dutch Pension Funds. Mr Alders highlighted that a new energy agreement had just been reached in the Netherlands that would provide a clear path and strong ambition to meet EU 2020/20 growth. The Netherlands seeks to add both offshore and onshore wind capacity in the coming years. Mr Alders cited that the pace has already been enormous and that the share of clean energy would continue to grow in Europe. He estimated that over time, the traditional power sector would see significant changes with increased smart use of infrastructure and electricity consumption.

Mr Michel Chatelin – a partner at Everheds and specialist in the energy sector, provided an overview of European regulation. He emphasised that the system of feed in tariffs has worked in more than fifty countries globally and that it has been successful in bringing costs down over time. There continues to be large amounts of capital required to transition to a clean power sector but the regulation has been secure. This will help continue to attract institutional money into this growing sector.


Mr Hans Alders at the Glennmont Seminar in Amsterdam

Mr Hans Alders at the Glennmont Seminar in Amsterdam

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