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Italy provides 9 billion Euros for clean energy

July 1, 2016

When one’s home country is immersed in an intense political process that dominates the press sometimes it is hard to see the wider picture to note that business carries on as usual. In the instance of European renewable energy deployment, the Renewable Energy Directive continues to drive investment and national regulation. Last week the Government of Italy approved a decree aimed at providing support for the renewable energy sector for the next 20 years. The Italian Government has stated that the framework is aimed at encouraging the replacement of conventional power in the country’s energy mix.
Italy has already surpassed its 2020 target of 17% energy to be sourced from renewable sources, and yet has announced a funding programme for the next 20 years.The programme will support technologies where Glennmont is specialist, onshore wind and biomass as well as solar thermal power projects.

Glennmont has maintained close links to the Italian energy ministry and over the past 4 years has developed a portfolio of wind and solar power in Italy, including the recent purchase of the 245MW wind portfolio from Spanish utility, Iberdrola. The decree shows that confidence in the Italian renewable energy market is well placed and that our established position there will likely give rise to further opportunities in the future.

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Italy provides 9 billion Euros for clean energy

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