Asset videos

Asset videos

Through three equity funds and with more than €2bn assets under management in European renewable energy projects, Glennmont has been responsible for some of Europe’s most remarkable new energy projects. By embracing diversification as a primary means of risk management we have spread the portfolio across multiple countries and technologies. Three projects in particular have been documented in video to demonstrate the range of capabilities and skills that exist within Glennmont.

Wind Power | Piiparinmäki – 211.4 MW Wind Farm nearing completion in Finland

Biomass | Sleaford – 39 MWe straw-fired biomass plant in the UK

Biomass l Margam – 40Mwe wood-fired power station in the UK

Wind | Project Sofia – 315 MW wind portfolio in Italy

Solar | Coruche – 9.7 MW solar park in Lisbon, Portugal