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Secretary of State for Energy of Portugal opens Glennmont’s 8th Annual Clean Energy Seminar

May 15, 2015

On 11 and 12 May, 2015 Glennmont Partners hosted its 8th Annual Clean energy seminar bringing together institutional investors and a number of thought leaders. The seminar was held in Lisbon. His Excellency Artur Trindade, Secretary of State for Energy of Portugal, opened the seminar and shared his views on Energy Policy in Portugal. He described the Government’s firm commitment to standby feed in tariffs provided in the past despite pressure externally in times of economic crisis. In his view, any form of retro-active cuts would have a detrimental effect of the cost of capital for Portuguese investment and thus jeopardise growth. He predicts further continued investment in clean energy in Portugal in off shore wind and also solar. He believes that with the decrease in levelised cost of energy for solar and the strong irradiation levels in Portugal, the country is well placed to see more market based solar investments both at retail as well as institutional level. Portugal also favours a further integration of the European power markets. Other European countries could for example, invest in Portugal renewable energy and receive credits towards their national targets.


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