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Sleaford Biomass plant nearing completion

October 11, 2013

We are pleased to report on the progress of the Sleaford plant which will achieve full commercial operations in the first quarter of 2014. Site activities remain ahead of schedule and well within budget. 

Construction is nearing completion with all buildings on site erected and all the main generation equipment on site. Commissioning of the straw conveyors, boiler, and ancillary systems and equipment is currently underway. Initial deliveries of straw have been made to the plant to test the automated straw handling equipment and allowing firing of the boiler on straw.

The boiler has undergone pressure tests and first firing on straw to produce steam for “steam blowing”, a process where steam from the boiler is exhausted through a purpose built diffuser and silencer to test the boiler pipework under dynamic pressure.

The final round of steam blowing will be completed by mid-October, followed by on-going commissioning tests ahead of the first synchronisation of the generator to the national grid network.

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