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UK Clean Energy Investment Seminar – Current Trends in Infrastructure Investing

April 27, 2017

On 26th April 2017, in London at the House of Commons, Glennmont Partners in conjunction with Alex Cunningham MP, the Shadow Pensions Minister, brought together key Government pensions policy makers, pension fund portfolio managers, and investment advisors, to discuss opportunities for Pension Funds to invest in the UK and in European energy industries.

The following key observations were noted:

• The success of the deployment of renewable energy over the past decade and a half has markedly reduced carbon emissions and reduced the wholesale cost of power

• Market responses to this offer new opportunities for investment, and facilitate further investment in renewable energy

• The transfer of assets from utilities to institutional investors will continue to allow strategic investors to focus on innovation, while Pensions Funds benefit from the long-term yield of the operating assets.


For more on our UK Clean Energy Investment Seminar, please click here.


From left to right: Alex Cunningham MP, Peter Dickson and Pensions Minister, Mr Richard Harrington MP

From left to right: Peter Dickson, Nina Skorupska, Dr John Roberts, Stephen Hill


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